Monday, May 10, 2010

After Artist Studio Tour.

Finally, it is over. The moment I have prepared for days and nights is past. Great review! Great sale! Great exposure! My first show was a great success. I had wonderful memorable experience from the preparation to the end. I never had a chance to meet my customers in person before the show since my jewelry had been sold at stores and Internet. I was always wondering who purchased my jewelry. At the show, I was able to meet and greet my customers in person. I was able to put my jewelries on them. It was such a pleasure to watch them how happy they were with my jewelries. As a jewelry designer, the wedding jewelry might be the most honorable work since the wedding day is the most important day of person's life. At least to me. First day, I sold one necklace to the lady for her daughter's wedding. She was so excited to find one to match her wedding dress perfectly. I was so excited as well. Maybe even more. And the next day, a soon-to-be bride ordered a custom-made necklace for her upcoming wedding. What an honor! It was great rewards and assurance by getting customer's great comments. I was thrilled to see that my little creation made women or men(who purchased for his wife or mom or girl friend) excited. Last couple of weeks before the show, I was really busy for my first time art tour. As a by-product, now my 8 years old son can make his own sandwich all by himself. And he was so proud of himself. During the show, my two 5 and 8 years old sons overheard many crowds' great comments on my works. They seemed to be very proud of their mom and get excited about my show. That was unexpected great gift from the show. Even though I was not able to be with them whole two days from 9 to 6, they understood why I had been busy for and what I was doing. Before and after the show, they even helped me to bring things back and forth Most of all, it was not possible to make this show without my supportive husband. At this moment, I am so exhausted and tired, but I am ready for more shows!!

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