Monday, October 26, 2009

My studio

I would like to show you my studio and a little bit of me as well. Some of you might have already seen it before. As I announced that on my blog, one of Etsy artists was particularly interested in working area and put the pictures of my studio on her blog. If you are interested in seeing my interview, check this talented artist web site at Here, I would like to share a couple of new additional pictures with you. "Studio" sounds glamorous, but it is a corner of my living room. The studio/working space was set up by my supportive husband. Before this space, I was working on the guest room where has not enought sun light. My husband was concerned and provided me this wonderful space for me to work and enjoy. There used to be a piano. And he moved that heavy piano for my desks. I added my oil paintings on the wall. And finally, I have my own space! It is very convenient, cozy and comfortable place. It faces the southeast backyard which gives me a lot of sun light through the day. I usually wake up early in the morning and can enjoy watching the sun rise between the tall trees. It is my most favorite time of the day and work alot while my family still sleep tight. During the day after school, sometimes my little boys bring their chess board to play chess or study next to me while I am working on my computer. All my finished jewelries are displayed or put/organized on the stack able trays inside of the cabinet. How do you think of my studio? Thank you for viewing.

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